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I am not sure if the problem is you or everything is just all because of my bitterness in happy happenings in general and not just on your current happy disposition–you being happy with your newly-found and well-established lovelife. You having that defined relationship–a state I never got to experience with the 4 people I had ever been with previously and you getting it once you tried to check if the clicks with this person was working. And when it did click and made things work out, you are not anymore the best friend I have ever had.

You’ve changed. I’m not even sure if you’re still my friend now. Not only you’re rarely available for me but also you make it seem as if you don’t need me anymore.

I remember before when you were always there. You always knew when I was not feeling good and you were always there to the rescue, saying the right words and giving me the warm comfort. Or at random, you would give me that face as if you find me irresistible or go gooey on me and be clingy like hell. Or the good friend who would always invite me out to do something new or something ordinary. Now all of those are gone.

When was the last time you asked me to come with you? When was the last time you opened up to me and showed me a little piece of what you’re actually feeling? When was the last time you asked how I was? When was the last time I received a warm hug from you–or the time you went touchy feely on me? When was the last time you cared? When was the last time you were a friend to me?

Please answer all of my questions ’cause I don’t even remember the answers to those questions I laid out for you. It seems like I’ve lost the friend whom I thought would be the most loyal and faithful to me. I wish I had known earlier that all it takes for our friendship to end was you having an actual lover.

I liked you better before. I liked you before. I loved you as my best friend. Now, you’ve changed and I don’t even know you anymore. I need you now more than ever but there you are being a stranger to your best friend.