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It’s funny sometimes how life plays tricks on you. Like one day aimlessly hoping for self to move on already from the past someone who left you hanging, telling self that the person doesn’t even care about you anymore and the like. And then having that person check on your “safety” given the flooding and the nonstop downpour of the heavy rain the next day. Having you to talk about something you have strong feelings for.

I thought for a moment there that we were gonna go back to what was… But then I just forgot to remind self that he really doesn’t care anymore and have no idea why he checked up on me. I don’t know if it should gladden me that you are still somehow concerned or sicken me by thought of you making your existence felt just at this moment in time.

Why do you keep your presence felt when I tell self that it is just about good that I start to forget everything about you. You just suddenly appear and have me rethink and lose the battle in making myself believe that I don’t like you anymore. That I don’t love you any longer.

How hard it is to stay away from me if you don’t want to be part of my life for like the rest of forever and same as be with me always and all throughout if you want to spend the rest of forever in my arms? You have no idea how hard the situation is on me. So please please please cooperate.