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In my mind, you expressed whatever it was that you were feeling (and is still feeling). In my mind, you replied to that heartfelt text message of something that assured me of same sentiments still–cried to that message and felt thankful that I hit “send.” In my mind, you said yes to that favor, gave your best shot, and actually gave me something. In my mind, we actually talked about things and settled all of our issues. In my mind, you are regretful of whatever that wasn’t done and wishes that you could turn back time. In my mind, you can’t push me out of your mind and heart and wish that things have turned out differently. In my mind, you’d never stop trying and caring. In my mind, you wouldn’t like anyone else but me. In my mind, we are (and still are getting) better.

But all these are ONLY in my mind, that is. Because in my mind, I still have feelings for you and I’m still waiting for you to come around. And we’ll probably get stuck with that for like forever.

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