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Cartoon about a fortune teller contacting the ...

Cartoon about a fortune teller contacting the other side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After telling you how one-word replies keep me on thinking that you aren’t interested in talking to me, you still keep on doing it. Even if days have passed without us talking, when we finally do it’s like you don’t even wanna talk to me. I don’t get you, really. I do not see the point of your sending me those messages when they all just imply your being uninterested. It’s not like you miss me or anything–that doesn’t even show. It’s not like you want me to be kept updated with your life. Like you don’t actually want anything to do with me.

How they say that this thing is supposed to last for just a week or so. Ours has been going on for more than a month already. It makes me feel like you don’t even give importance to this thing. I see no effort… at all. How you’re able to do things with other people but never with me.

How my friends are being hurt for me at this moment when I’m giving my all and there you are as if there’s nothing to bother. How they keep on telling me that I can do so much better than this.

I am just so tired of you not showing effort. It hurts so bad to see only myself making such a big deal out of everything and there you are just sitting there and doing nothing. I am so fucking tired. Oh well, maybe it’s my fault that I gave you too much hope in this thing–hope that I’ll never give up even if everything gets so fucking hard. Having that assurance makes you so lucky and leaves me here like an idiot. FYI how you’re treating me now is how I do with this someone whom I wanna get rid of. So? Is this what you’re letting me know? Are you giving me subtle hints that this thing will never work? Well, sorry for being so dense but can’t you just tell it to me flat-out? Please don’t be a coward this time. Having me wait on you is such a more terrible thing than telling it to my face (and not to mention crushing my fragile heart into tiny pieces) that I’m just waiting in vain. Please do so immediately so that I can go get a move on already and attend to more important things, or at least things that bear fruit when worked on.

I just wish you didn’t promise me anything about us getting better so that I wouldn’t be out here laying everything out for you because I’m still fucking holding on to your words that we will get better.

Don’t keep me guessing, please. Thanks.