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Dearest Future Hubby,

I got inspired by my previous entry and had a eureka moment earlier. What if my blog had an actual theme? What if I wrote my blog as if everything in it is for the eyes of my future husband–for your eyes? Every post will be started off with a “Dearest Future Hubby,” and will be ended by “Love, Your Future Wifey” as if I were really writing everything to you. Writing to you my innermost thoughts, rants, random realizations, or whatnot. And oh, I will also change the URL of this WordPress account into http://www.dearestfuturehubby.wordpress.com

And whatever posted before the previous post, I won’t delete them. Those posts, though not addressed to you, are still stuff that I want to let you know in the future. I would like for you to get to know me well (even before you’ve met me) through the entries here.

Happy reading!



Your Future Wifey