You didn’t text me first yesterday… I felt sad. I was waiting for you to text me even if I already had a message saved in my drafts to text you with. Waiting from the morning until the clock struck nine o’ clock. Since I gave myself that “deadline”, I texted you. You replied right away. I  didn’t know if that was something that I should be happy or sadder about. You had credits to text me with but you didn’t. Also, you ended our conversation first like you didn’t feel like talking to me anymore. I expected you to text me in the morning or once you finished doing what you were doing but you didn’t.

And I have no idea why. Or maybe, I do. I just can’t accept the truth to myself… yet.

Well, not yet. Not just fucking yet.


Has she come back? Is she giving you more attention now than ever? Are you having a fucking relapse? Or… have you just realized how boring and messed up I am as a person (and don’t want anything to do with me)?


Excuse my insecurities but these are what seriously have been bugging my mind. These questions I am seeking for answers… These questions that might put an end to all these what seems so nonsense.