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Oh, yes. In every happy story, there must is always the big but.

Well, in this case, I am really worried. Fucking anxious about it.

Here’s the sitch: You used to like this someone, who doesn’t seem to like you back or doesn’t show any interest, that is. This someone goes away from your life. You realize that you have to move on and find someone new. And when you actually meet this other person, everything is going well; you two are getting along and are probably getting there already… until you learn that the old love is making her presence felt and coming back to your life. What would you do?

Would you go back with your one true love or move on with your new someone?


I was faced with this question just a year ago. What did I do? I moved on with someone new. It was probably one of the worst decisions I ever made–I just felt used and somehow still regretful, the very things I wouldn’t want to feel.


But if this happens at this very moment, what would I do?


I remember telling myself then that when this happens again, I would choose him, the love of my life. But something’s telling me that this time, I should carry on. Isn’t it annoying that he always come for me just too late or too early? If he really wants and loves me, he will come to me at the right time–just at the moment when nobody wants me, when there’s no competition. There is a part of me saying that he only wants the thrill that the competition brings. I don’t know.


Now, if ever this happens again, I would choose to go and get a move on.


But since this is also likely to happen with the other person involved now, I have no idea what he would do. I just hope that he wouldn’t be a coward and choose what is more convenient to him (that is, to choose me because he is sure that I like him more than the original person likes him).


On the other hand, if he chooses her, I would feel really terrible and awful given the situation now that I really like him and I can actually see a future with him already.


I just hope that he does the right and true thing, whatever that will be in this case.