And I actually almost did.

I have brought up a lot of times already how I hate it when I have my hopes up for something really good just to find out that that something is not bound happen. Seriously, NOT EVER. It just gets up to my nerves; and I become so frustrated and agitated!

Yesterday was a very happy day. Got a random phone call from him. I pressed the “Yes” button to the question that asks if I should answer the call or not. I was nervous–very anxious and eager at the same time. Taking a deep breath, I said, “Hello.” And that started everything that happened the other day. So after the very random phone call, I composed a message to be sent to him. But as I was typing the text message, there he was again, calling… I answered it again. Another random and soupy conversation, yet again. Of course, that is what to expect from you. I remember clearly that we just had countable serious talks, the details of which I will never ever forget.

And so we exchanged text messages for a pretty long time. Had casual gestures of flirtations, some reminiscing of good times, and a whole lot more. I thought at that moment that you had gone back to save me. You went back for me again. But this time, with the plans of staying for good. That was what I thought and hoped for…

It was so wrong of me to have that thought and have actually entertained that and let it through me. I imagined a future with you again. Just to find out that there is a high probability that you’re not even thinking it. I went to your Wall and saw this girl, whom I have a hunch that you like and likes you back. Looks like you have this type of special connection already.


I thought we still have that special something only we can have…

I thought. I hoped.


It’s in the nature of people to be hopeful. But then when what they are looking forward to is not deemed to happen, they mope about it and feel so empty afterwards. Looks like thoughts and hopes are just for nothing.