Just earlier, I realized something–it was something weird and something shocking, I suppose. I had the random-est realization ever. I thought that what if I really life this person of the same sex? She is really awesome as a person. How she sings really good; how she is such a bully to me at times; how she laughed out of nowhere just because she remembered how I sang this certain song; how she gets agitated on the simplest of things; how she is so sporty and a whole lot more.

“I like her as a person,” I told my friend once. But as I get to know her even more, I think that I am actually starting to like her not just as a person but for the whole entity of her–regardless of her having the same sex as mine.

It’s wrong, I know but I can’t help it. She’s too awesome for my life. I even sort of imagined how it would be like if we actually become together as a couple… I think that she’d be a really amazing girlfriend.

And now I’m having doubts with my gender? What the fuck?!

Disclaimer: No, I didn’t.