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The title is a real cliche, I know. But it is so true. Lately, I’ve been hearing stories about people passing away. I know that death is a natural process and that it happens every day. It’s just that normally, the people who die don’t have to be directly related to us. These past few weeks, a lot of demises of persons whom I have second connections to have occurred.

This made me realize that you really don’t hold your own time. Any moment now, life can be taken away from you, whether you’re ready or not. You have no choice. And so do the people who are closely related and connected to you.

THIS IS SO TRUE that it makes me cry.

You have to make the most out of everything. Talk to people whom you haven’t talked to in a long while. Do good. Smile. Pray. Settle your issues in life. Do things you wanna do. Love. Hang out with friends. Study well.

Start living life the way it’s supposed to be lived.