I just found out earlier that two of my then-orgmates are already getting married soon. This caused some goosebumps–a good one. I remember the very first time I had lunch with this couple. I was a freshie then. So we had lunch at this Korean restaurant. What stuck in my mind is the visual image of them giving out a smack on each other’s lips after praying together. That was a very sweet and simple gesture, I thought. I even admired them for it seems like they have God in the center of their relationship. I am just really happy for them. Best wishes to the couple!

This wedding reminded me of a friend (I’m not sure if we still are). I remember her saying that she wants to be the flower girl in my wedding. Thinking that we will definitely be still friends when that time comes, I said yes without a doubt. I even promised. That thought, a girl in her twenties being a flower girl to her friend’s wedding, is very sweet and unique. But thinking about that while considering the present situation, I am really not sure if that is still possible. Maybe, promises are really made to be broken.

Friend, what has happened to us?
Why have we fallen apart?

Please fix us.