I know that I’m not supposed to be writing this right now but I just can’t stop myself from thinking about it…

I had always wanted to be in this committee since forever. From the moment I came about knowing this organization, I said to myself that I would be part of this certain committee and someday, I would run as the head and would eventually win and would lead. And I actually did. Even if a lot of things had happened in the past, it didn’t come to mind to transfer to a different committee because I know that this is where my heart is and where it will always be. Or so I thought… All these changed in a split-second. I was so pissed off awhile ago that it led me to this conclusion, or to this total change of heart, rather.

It feels like my seniority and past leadership were out of the question. Those weren’t even taken into consideration. I felt rejected and disrespected. It was imposed flat out on my face that all the things I suggest are very illogical and very wrong, not worth following and even listening to. Like as if my concerns were not even that significant to begin with.

Since what you made me believe awhile ago was that I couldn’t contribute anything to this committee anymore, then so be it. Next semester, I promise this to myself that I would never ever go back to that committee again. I’ve grown too much out of it and it already became my comfort zone. I guess it’s about time to explore and be a fish out of the water. Finance or public relations sounds good to me.

So, tonight, I bid farewell to my used-to-be most beloved committee.
Thank you very much. I hope that you’re really happy now.
Goodbye and good riddance.