I wasn’t telling anyone about my new love interest except for this one or two friends. Only one of them knows the exact story behind everything and the other just knows the fact that I’m into someone now. And just because I couldn’t just hold it in any longer, I decided to share it to another friend this morning. After telling her some of the story, she just flat out told me that it is pure curiosity.

Her conclusion made me think. Maybe, it’s true but I am so hooked now that I just can’t get enough of him. I miss him when a day passes by and I am not able to see him or able to talk to him, even in just text messaging. I always go to his Facebook profile and check on any update; look through the things that he had been doing in Facebook. I also check his blog every now and then, looking at recent comments from people.

This curiosity has probably led me to obsession.

I want to stop because as what it seemed earlier, he is not that interested in me, anymore. There were times when he would just ignore me; as if I wasn’t even there. It sucks, I know. Moreover, I know that he’s going through a lot. If I force myself into his life right now, he probably will not be able to handle me and will just make things worse for him.

I want this to stop.