Earlier, I watched this film with my two sisters and Dad.

The movie is a normal one but somehow dragging.

I liked the plot of bestfriends falling in love with each other without them actually admitting it until the latter part where a lot of things happened already. This reminded me of my relationship with him. We did and planned on doing crazy things (one of which was going out of town) and not having a hint of malice because we know our boundaries, that we are just friends and will never go beyond that. The type of relationship where you are each other’s comfort zone, each other’s absorber of stress, sadness, and happiness. Like being able to talk to the other person already takes the pain away.

It makes me think of whatever happened to us–how and why we are drifting, or probably already drifted, apart. Was it me? Was it you? I don’t know.

I just feel a little guilty.

Now, I couldn’t say that, “Oh, I have this guy friend whom I am really close to, whom I can tell anything and everything and amazingly, all is just platonic. He’s like a brother to me, you know?” We stopped being friends. I just don’t know if it’s really a regretful event or otherwise. I honestly do not know what to feel and how to react. I know that I let this to happen because of some uneventful things that have happened in the past but what I do not get is why those things are so much of a big deal that I couldn’t overlook them for the great things that we have gone through.

You were the one who never gave up on me. I don’t know but this doesn’t seem to move me anymore. CRAP what’s wrong with me? Why am I being like this? A HEARTLESS BITCH.

I shall think this through again… one day.

P.S. I’ve been feeling more insecure now after reading blogs of people. I feel like I just post good-for-nothing entries when all theirs are so full of life realizations. ARGH