My mood lightens up when I see your name on my phone, when it says that I’ve got a text from you. A friend says that my voice becomes a pitch higher whenever you’re around. I feel energized (and somehow pressured to do well) every time you wish me good luck on an exam or on something of the like. I get butterflies when you reply just “:]” to me when you could have just given a cold shoulder. It makes me feel interesting when you pay attention to the things that I say and do.

But sometimes, I feel that you don’t like me at all and you just treat me how you’d normally go around with other people. What makes the difference is that you text me randomly about anything under the sun. It got obvious awhile ago when you messaged me about that something you’re not supposed to be thinking about anymore. The hangover has been too long already. It’s already weird given that situation but it gets weirder when you don’t seem to be replying interesting things. Or was it my choice of replies? Idk.

It then gets me to thinking that I’m just the only one who’s putting meaning to it. When it’s just supposedly a simple casual text from a person who is bored. Yeah, I probably add color to it since I’ve got a feeling, just a feeling, that I like you.

UGH. This feeling. I haven’t felt this for a very long time until now. And it feels good, somehow redeeming that I am already able to after the things that have happened in the past.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen next or where this will take us, take me, but I thank you for giving me the chills. I thank you for this feeling that you make me feel alive. Thank you!