The title of this post says it all, really. But since life is so complicated, this title can’t be sufficient. Of course, there’s still a because and a but. As always. Oh, my life.

I like you because your personality is really great. And I think that we get along really well. Sometimes, when I go to the place where we the two of us and a whole lot other people hang out, I look for you. I hope you do, too. I always go to your Facebook profile and check on your posts. I always get tempted to chat with you. But that’s not at all a worry because you often end up chatting with me first about the most random of things. I feel the chemistry going on between us. I just don’t know if you feel it, too. I find you very cool. Most especially that you are fond of piercings and tattoos, too! I think I have found my soulmate. You are very chill. But hey, I really like that about you. You somehow show this dark side, but you also show this soft side of you. This makes me like you even more. And when I hold your eyes, you become very awkward and end up not looking at me. I love teasing you. And really, fighting with you about the pettiest of things. Okay. I like you. Isn’t it that obvious yet?

Plus, I think that there is a possibility that you like me, too.
By the way that you can’t stare right into my eyes.

BUT I know that this couldn’t happen. This is not supposed to be happening. I have to stop myself, atleast.

You had something going on with my friend before.

I don’t get it why people can stand to have anything romantic with someone that their friends went out with or even if just liked. That is something a friend isn’t supposed to do. Something a friend is not supposed to be doing. Idk. Gaaaahh.

I hate myself for justifying it in my head sometimes that you didn’t really have that something. That it was just idk. It was probably just nothing. That it was in the past and you even are denying that you like him still.

I am really confused. But oh well. I really like you, dear friend. I love you, even. I can’t betray you. And as for the person that I like (or so I thought) right now, I guess that I should just shut this feelings for you off. Because this is not good. And if I keep this going, I’ll be a hypocrite because I hate people who do that.


The person for you is just somewhere out there. And this person should not be anyone that any of your friends went out with, liked or something of that sort. That time will come. Just wait.

Righteous Self

Or is it just I who is imagining all these?
Is there even anything at all?
Idk. I really don’t know.