This Youtube video has become very famous in Facebook, in Tumblr, and in elsewhere I probably don’t know about. Anyhow, this is very touching for a lot of people can actually relate to it. A lot may have experienced the same exact thing or the same situation in one way or the other.

Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can’t avoid the inevitable.

I admit that I somehow had been through those stages. It was hard, I must say. But really. I think I can ever get it why people who were so intimate and close just end up being not friends and as if like they have not known each other. That sucks, you know?

Probably, you had been with this person for so long. This obviously entails you getting a lot of information about that person–knowing the details from what he likes or despises. I find it very odd that after all those information learned about this person would just go to trash when the two of you decide to break the relationship off. It’s just odd. Where does that knowledge go then? To the trash bin? I even wonder sometimes if all that were just a waste of time on my end.

ANYWAY. I’d just like to share that today this stranger (again) in my life started to become an acquaintance again. I missed him. Well, not in the sense that I wanna get back together with him or something but I just missed him. I missed how he’d make fun of my silly mistakes yet still take me seriously and how he’d try to correct me.That’s just it.

I’m just happy that for a second there, I thought that everything was okay again.

Well, I hope that it would be. I still want to be friends with him after all. I’m ready now. I hope he is, too.

And oh btw, thank you for filling the missing word to conclude my paper awhile ago. I really appreciate it, friend. 🙂