As people say, it is the only constant thing in the world. What is? Yup, guessed it right, the title of this blog entry. CHANGE. The only thing that doesn’t cease being what it is. Knowing that, it depends on the situation whether it is a good or a bad one.

I have changed.
A lot.

I’ve had strong principles in the past, relating to love, sex, relationships, etc. But now, everything seems to have been changed. And I’m not quite sure if I’m liking it. What scares me now is I now might be the person I once hated.

I used to be very religious. What happened now? I don’t know. This realization came to me all of a sudden when I came from this place where my high school usually holds its outreach programs. I was wearing short shorts. I felt ashamed ’cause I went inside a Church and gone on a pilgrimage. What the fish was that? A show off? Portraying a different person? I really don’t know…

Also, I used to be firm about my stand of being conservative in relationships–like not kissing any guy ’till he’s my boyfriend, not saying I love you to a special someone unless the feeling urges me to do so, not showing public display of affection, etc. But seems like all of those, I’ve already done. It is disheartening.

I think I’ve lost myself somewhere in between going to wherever I am right now. I just hope that I find the real me, again.